What you want to know about me...

Hello, I'm Daniel Molina! I'm a vegan blogger, Mexican living in Switzerland, graphic designer as a profession, and cooking and fitness enthusiastic. Noticing a close bond with what I eat to my health I decided, 3 years ago, to go planted based. 

"My Vegan Life" it's a blog to share why a plant based diet excites me, trying new vegan recipe and find the next new super food.
Hoping I can inspire other to make a change into a healthier eating. 

I started collaboration as a guest writer at the fitness blog starkfit.com in February 2015, now this blog is my own little project, I want to document my vegan lifestyle, with beautiful pictures and all exciting vegan stuff.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or you just want to share a good vegan tip, contact me.

Photos on this site were taken by Daniel Kunz.