How do you come up with new vegan recipes? Simple. Take any recipe. It can have meat in it, eggs, it doesn't matter. Then, just cut out the non vegan ingredients and spice it up with ingredients you like. This is what I did with his yummy noodles ball, originally it was a see-food-dish. Now it is one of my go-tos for a quick week-day dinner.

It is super-fast to do, low in fat, easily turned gluten-free and perfect for the cold winter days. I promise: You will be surprised by how good it tastes! If you don’t - then just mix it up further to your liking. For example, I’m using broccoli and cabbage, but you can add any vegetables you have laying around in your fridge. Carrots, cauliflower or spinach – they all will do! Personally, I also like adding some tofu for extra protein and i top it with seaweed and black sesame.

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