Happy Holidays!
I hope you are enjoying the festive times, and in the verge of the new year I want to share a few quick tips to eat healthy and save some time while doing it. I love eating simple and not spending to much time planning and cooking a meal every day, hope you can try this quick fixes, enjoy! 

1. Peanut butter + Avocado Snack
Two of my favourite foods mixed together seems a bit weird, but you will be surprised how good it tastes! Avocado is loaded with healthy fats, fibber and potassium. Peanut butter also filled with healthy fats and packed with protein makes this fast snack awesome as a post workout meal. Spread it on a full grain bread and top it with salt and pepper.

2. Keep kale alive
We all love our kale! Keep the leafy greens stored at room temperature and not in the fridge. Treat them as a bunch of flowers - put them in a vase of water - change water daily and cut off a little of the stem - and it will last for longer.

3. Energy booster breakfast
Fast and easy, full of healthy carbohydrates and rich in protein this is my usual bowl for breakfast. A bunch of oatmeal, amaranth, 1 spoon of chia seeds and another of brown Millet, soaked in coconut or rise milk. It will provide a good kick of energy for the day and keep you satisfy. Millet seeds is well known for helping repair skin and hair! 

Photos by Daniekunzphoto.com