Everyone has his or her reasons for going plant based. For me, eye-opening documentaries and a new year’s resolution and a life long love for animals was the start.

Getting a juicer at home was the first step, plants, particularly raw, have a very high amount of nutrients in them. That means that when juicing, your body absorbs a higher amount of the nutrients without the extra effort or stress to the body that means a lot of extra energy! Eating a plant based diet has kept my energy levels high on a regular basis, I know this sounds annoying to people but it's true!

Before I was normally feeling out of energy, and really not that interested in exercising or being active, but with this new energy and clear mind it was easy to take a new challenge and give up animal products. I took the challenge of being vegan for 30 days, got a couple of vegan recipe books, a gym membership and packed my grocery cart with bags of clean organic vegetables.

This all started 2 years ago, and the benefits of plants just keep rolling. I was never worried about my weight, but now even less, I can keep eating the whole day without feeling full or heavy as is a consequence of animal products or dairy. The extra energy and the feeling of being healthy was what motivated me to work out 3-4 times a week, have the discipline to follow a routine and see my body get stronger.

On the outside, my skin cleared, the detoxifying effects of plants, mixed with the elimination benefits of plants, combined with the easily-digestible aspect of plants means less internal toxins. Also, fruits, vegetables and grains contain beautifying vitamins and fats, such as vitamin C which boosts collagen and lycopene in tomatoes, which helps protect skin from the sun.

Being more relaxed and sleeping deeper was a surprise for me. I was dealing with heavy flues that threw me in bed for days more than a couple of times a year. A boost in the immune system helped, I still get colds but they don’t last as long as before and don’t hit me as strong.

I couldn’t define my diet as Vegan or Vegetarian, I still reward myself with some sushi a couple times a month, and I don’t panic if my pasta comes with some delicious Parmesan. For me, it is still a day-by-day choice to eat the right stuff and feel good about them.
And it works!

Photocredit: daniekunzphoto